Xiamen Port stone imports over 7.8 million tons ranking first in the country

发布时间:2018/1/15 20:43:41

    January 5, Xiamen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau was informed that in 2017, Xiamen Port imported 24,659 batches of stone, weighing 7,896,100 tons, the value of 1.395 billion US dollars, up 18.09%, 17.68%, 18.82%. The growth rate ranks first in all ports of the country, ranking the country's largest imported stone distribution center.

    Xiamen Port imports of stone mainly presents the following characteristics: First, the source of a wide range of sources, mainly from Turkey, India, Brazil, Italy, Greece, Iran, Egypt, Portugal, Spain, Norway and more than 70 countries and regions; secondly, mainly imported marble And granite blocks and semi-finished products based. The total amount of imported marble was the largest, with a total of 15990 batches and a weight of 493.19 tons with a value of 870 million U.S. dollars, up by 33.04%, 34.76% and 43.54% respectively over the same period of the previous year, accounting for 62.46% of the total imports, followed by imports of granite and stone, Accounting for 37.54% of the total; finally, diversified modes of transportation are mainly imported by bulk carriers or shipping containers. Among them, countries in Europe, the Americas and Africa are mostly shipping by sea. Southeast Asian countries mainly use bulk carriers transport.

    According to the analysis of the insiders, at present, Xiamen Port possesses the operational capability of international container terminals and bulk groceries and port terminals. The harbor deep-sea coastline length, the international ocean trunk line and the near ocean line are complete and the routes are dense. Ten thousand tons of container ships. There are more than 1,200 specialized stone import and export enterprises in Xiamen and more than 6,000 traditional stone processing plants gathered in the surrounding area. The proportion of deep processing of stone products and high value-added products in exports continues to increase, and the export volume of stone products continues to grow, helping to stabilize the export of stone materials increase. Xiamen (International) Stone Exhibition platform prominent advantages, an annual session of the International Stone Fair, to attract domestic and foreign stone production and processing enterprises gathered to open the window of foreign service and enhance international influence.

    In order to promote the import of bulk commodities, Xiamen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, on the one hand, improves the information service level through the continuous improvement of electronic gateways for quarantine inspection and quarantine inspection and quarantine, and the electronicization and promotion of reservation, inspection, release and quarantine of stone materials Port speed check. On the other hand, the Company optimized the process and adopted the mode of "centralized inspection and quarantine, batch inspection and batch verification" to shorten the inspection and quarantine cycle and improve the inspection and supervision mode. Based on the data analysis and risk assessment, the import of different risk levels Stone implementation of the difference in sampling, reduce logistics costs and enhance the overall competitiveness of the port.