The proportion of stone industry will continue to expand in the future

发布时间:2018/1/15 20:44:25

Stone industry, is one of the world's traditional industries. Stone after cutting, grinding, modeling, is widely used in various types of construction on the external decoration. Stone as a building materials product, in the world output of building materials occupies a large proportion, and this proportion in the next 10 to 15 years will continue to expand.

Since 2005, China's stone industry jumped to No. 1 in the world in terms of stone production, exporting and consuming countries. It has maintained its rapid growth for 8 consecutive years and accounted for nearly 20% of the global stone processing and production volume. The stone industry in China Become a hot spot in the world market, continuing to promote the development of the global stone industry.

Stone is divided into marble, granite, sandstone and other categories, there are thousands of color varieties, due to a scarcity, environmental protection, natural, high-quality features, has been around the world large-scale public works projects, high-grade buildings, home decoration Selected materials.

Stone industry prospects for the future development of how the state announced the "Manufacturing 2025" for the stone industry, the direction of the transformation and upgrading. The first is the need for industry innovation, including product innovation and integrated innovation. Stone personalized strong product design has always been the gap between China's stone products and Italy, Spain and other powerful countries. The main reason is the concept of enterprise development is not in place, imitation, plagiarism, homogenization of development accounted for most of the awareness of independent innovation is not strong.

Second, the business strength is limited, no research and development capabilities. The third protection of intellectual property rights is not enough, the industrialization of scientific research has been affected. In addition, the application of decoration products not only depends on the product itself, more importantly, the spatial effect of product integration formed, which requires the ability to have a total solution design. From the current stone industry point of view, a large number of enterprises in the industrial value chain division, only in the production and processing stage. A large number of products for the stone plate, is an intermediate product, the final application but also decorative engineering company for secondary processing. Second, to strengthen the integration of the two, to promote intelligent manufacturing. At present, the stone industry only has a large gap between mechanization, automation, intelligence and network level. Flexible manufacturing, demand-oriented is the future development trend of the stone industry.

The application of stone products, its design, transportation, installation, maintenance have higher specialization requirements. Establish a sound service system, one-stop service, is the future trend of consumption. The development of new manufacturing models based on the Internet, such as industrial cloud services and industrial big data platforms, such as personalized customization, crowdsourcing design and cloud manufacturing, and the establishment of an open industrial ecosystem with complementary advantages and win-win cooperation are important components of manufacturing upgrading.

With the strengthening of ecological environment protection in our country, the requirements on resource conservation and protection are increasing, and the green and sustainable development of the stone industry has become the only way for industrial development. In recent years, the development of stone in all regions has become more and more prominent due to the protection of woodlands, the protection of natural landscapes, the delineation of ecological functions, the control of soil and water erosion and tourism facilities. The future requirements are getting higher and higher.

Stone industry clusters around the development of the stone industry is no longer a single development as the goal, the stone industry development should be combined with the new four modernizations, new urbanization, poverty alleviation and wealth, employment, related industries integration requirements, the establishment of industrial Metro, which is the future of stone The new target of industrial cluster development.

Improve the country as the goal, the development of stone industry should be combined with the new four modernizations, new urbanization, poverty alleviation, employment, related industries integration requirements, the establishment of new industrial city, which is the future development of stone industry cluster new target. The manufacturing innovation capability is "Made in China 2025", which proposes nine major strategic tasks and focuses. The public entrepreneurship and mass innovation are the new driving forces for economic development under the new normal in China. Stone industry innovation and development is one of the important tasks in the new era. Its main contents include accelerating technological transformation of enterprises in existing industrial clusters, optimizing production technology, adopting advanced equipment, eliminating inefficient and backward equipment, and bringing the overall level of enterprises within the cluster to a new level; encouraging and supporting new techniques and technologies for stone production, New equipment research and development and promotion; vigorously promote product innovation.

Stone industry staggering in the forefront, feeling the stones across the river. The prospect of stone industry is bright, but the road is very tortuous. Bump in the pioneer in the industry, the future must be good, do you want to follow?