Chinese stone machinery and equipment into a new era

发布时间:2018/1/15 20:46:35

"This year, construction machinery stone mechanical forklift truck sales increased by 80%, both domestic and foreign markets are in short supply situation." Deputy General Manager Chen Weijia mechanics said.


Recently, the 18th China Head International Stone Fair held in Nanan City, Fujian Province Stone Industry Exhibition Center. China Stone Machinery experienced nearly 10 years of transformation and upgrading, made great progress in innovation, high-end, sophisticated, green and so on, the impact in the international market growing, moving towards a new era of development.


Accelerate the global layout


For this year's market recovery is good, Chen Dewei, deputy general manager of Jin Machinery that the one hand, the stone industry in the past two years quiet market longer, the gradual consumption of used equipment market out of demand-side fixed asset investment growth; the other hand, "the area All the way "and other national strategies, a large number of Chinese energy and infrastructure companies to explore and carry out" going out "to participate in overseas PPP projects, the surge in demand overseas markets.


China Industry News reporter learned that the overall sales growth machinery workers this year, 50% growth in the next three years, the company will vigorously layout of overseas markets, closely follow the "Belt and Road" strategy of development and construction.


Equal optimistic about the overseas market is positive Machinery Cai Shang-Die, general manager told reporters that the company has won the "Belt and Road" overseas investment permit, the future will be in the stone industry to carry out related fields of investment. The company's main water knife, robot and other equipment, three-dimensional sculpture, only the single-product exports reached 10 million yuan.


"The strategy of" One Belt, One Road "has enabled the countries along the routes of Egypt, Turkey and Vietnam to accept equipment more smoothly and smoothly in sales and after-sales service." Su Jinheng, general manager of Hesheng Machinery, said that this year's overseas orders Is also increasing, especially in the Indian market, after deep plowing in recent years, and Sheng Machinery has established a high brand awareness and recognition, the company also regularly send technical staff to overseas training and counseling for users.


Hyneed Electromechanical overseas market share this year also increased by 40%, and many foreign investors from mining machinery to a full set of stone processing machinery equipment procurement. During the interview, many enterprises said that with the accumulation of Chinese enterprises' technological capabilities, globalization and layout are the natural way to go. Stone machinery enterprises have the ability and confidence to participate in competition in the international market.


Leading technology leader in the market


As a leading company in the industry, Shengda Machinery has been leading the development of a number of technologies in the industry. The main product of this exhibition is "King Kong No. 6" and "Dragon Combination Wire Saw". Su Yongding, chairman of Shengda Machinery, told reporters that the company has systematically upgraded the existing "King Kong 5" and "King Kong No. 6" and other products to make the products more efficient and smarter.


Su Yongding believes that leading technology market leader. In July of this year, Shengda Machinery led the major project of science and technology in Fujian Province - "stone CNC machining equipment research and development and application of" passed the inspection. The project has achieved technological breakthroughs in the field of NC profiled line cutting machine, CNC profiled line grinding and polishing machine and NC shaped stone five-axis machining center, and has realized industrial application.


The same as He Sheng Machinery explored in the field of technology, the hydraulic locking technology not only won the patent of Quanzhou Silver, but also won the second prize of progress of science and technology in Fujian Province this year. According to Su Jinheng introduction, the technology can be applied not only in the field of stone machinery, as long as the mechanical hydraulic system can be applied. This year, Hesheng Machinery also invested nearly 10 million yuan in technological innovation, creating a set of stone machinery and equipment research and development, testing, application of 2000 square meters laboratory.


"Your mill is the only mill in China that can grind black!" Indian customers gave a high opinion of the HENDEL mill. Mill is the most common stone machining equipment, many companies are doing, the fierce competition, you want to come to the fore must have a real skill. Heinde electromechanical manager told reporters that the company through cooperation with universities such as Fuzhou University, Huaqiao University and other research projects to achieve a multi-field breakthrough, the mill's most prominent advantage is the stability and durability!


At present, Hyneed Electromechanical is pushing forward the project of remote operation and maintenance. In the future, it will provide customers more value-added services through the information collection of equipment operation data.


Highlight green energy


Green Castle Peak is Yinshan Jinshan. This year's Stone Fair, environmental protection equipment to become a major highlight of the Stone Machinery Pavilion, a lot of stone machinery are equipped with environmental protection devices, and even businesses directly provide users with environmentally friendly solutions.


In the Hailong Machinery Exhibition Hall, a sewage filtration equipment is placed in the most prominent position of the hall entrance. Yao Shengyan, general manager of Hailong Machinery said that in the recent two years, with the increasingly stringent national requirements on environmental protection, the stone industry is increasing its investment in environmental protection equipment.


Hailong the main push of the filter equipment is mainly used in quartz sand, mica, tailings dehydration, milling flour, ash dehydration machine waste acid treatment of waste acid, the exhibition site, the company of Guangdong Yunfu merchants Mr. Gu the application of the equipment Give praise.


In terms of environmental protection, Hesheng Machinery is helping to solve environmental problems such as dust collection and waste water recycling by customizing green houses for equipment users. He Jinheng, general manager of Hesheng Machinery, said that environmental protection should also consider energy conservation. If the energy consumption is increased during the environmental protection, it will outweigh the benefits.


The main push with the sheng machinery, "Ming Jiang II" bridging machine, for example, the device comes with integrated circuit system, according to the thickness of the processing board to adjust the power consumption, the biggest feature is the high efficiency and energy saving. Su Jinheng said: "The same bridge cutting machine, our equipment weighs 1.5 tons more than others, cut the ordinary plate when the difference is not out of the equipment is good or bad, cut thick plate will highlight the stability of the equipment and energy efficient."


Dai Ximin, general manager of Nanki Motor, which has long been associated with stone machinery, also has the same practice in green energy saving. The high-power motors they produce weigh more and weigh more efficiently and save energy than many of their peers. In particular, stone mining sawing machinery, many companies preferred supporting the South Machine Electrical products.